Your Action Is Needed NOW to Resist and Defend Against Leftist Violence and Protect and Preserve the Republic!

With the recent violent incursions and attacks by anarchists and other radicals of all persuasions in cities and neighborhoods throughout the country, it is clear that existing defense systems are inadequate, particularly since our president feels constrained to act forcefully, for whatever reason. These domestic and likely international terrorists – bent on destroying the nation and remodeling into a socialist if not communist state – have gone beyond peaceful protest and have resorted to rioting, theft, burning of buildings and businesses, maiming and killing, and have even taken control of entire city blocks as occurred in Seattle, Portland, and Washington, D.C., to name just a few. As racial and other tensions increase, the senseless violence and destruction of local business and property, and even death, will inevitably worsen over time and reach cancerous proportions. And, all of this is occurring as the Covid-19 pandemic is ravaging America and the world, the result of the comrades of these domestic terrorists in Beijing, China.

Democratically controlled states and local governments refuse to counter and instead encourage the violence. Their elected officials are fanning the flames of racial discord. And major corporations the other cowardly and traitorus institutions such as Disney, the NBA, the NFL, and many, many more are throwing in the towel and joining the fray on the side of these radicals, afraid to confront the leftist masses and their enablers in local and state government. Notwithstanding the left’s onslaught, even strongly conservative areas of the country might not have sufficient resources to defend against what amounts to radical leftist Bolshevik-style revolution. We thus need a coalition of citizens ready to step in total self-defense to take action to prevent the destruction of the country and harm to our loved ones. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution acknowledges the need for such action by patriotic Americans to safeguard our national security:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Contrary to what some might believe, a peaceful and self-defense oriented citizen army does not pose a threat to the country. In fact, it will supplement police and National Guard measures to ensure law and order, as law enforcement is also being denigrated and trashed. The Second Amendment was written with this purpose in mind, and our Founders wisely knew a time would come when the people will need to rise up to defend the country. As any advocate of Second Amendment rights understands, law-abiding citizens are not the problem; rather it’s the criminals who do not follow the law. It’s the violent leftist mobs running rampant through city streets and neighborhood setting fires to public and private property, and threatening if not taking lives, and leaving behind a path of destruction everywhere they go.

We must not allow the vision and creation of our Founding Fathers to be relegated to the ash heap of history. We must peacefully and legally be prepared to defend the nation and our loved ones, before all is lost! We must act before We the People are subjugated to a Soviet style gulag, with all of our freedoms and liberties extinguished by domestic Bolshevik-style domestic and foreign terrorists, supported by leftist politicians, government officials, major corporations and organizations, and most likely overseas American-hating regimes in Communist China, Russia, and Islamic Iran.

God indeed helps those who help themselves. It is not enough to be entertained by Fox News and other so called conservative media. It’s time to act and act now! Join Freedom Watch’s Justice League, the New American Militia at See what we do and sign up.

Time is short before the nation is totally destroyed!

Uncle Sam needs you!

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